CAA: IPS officer Rupa shares Farhan Akhtar’s VIDEO, said- when they have this condition

Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar is opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act these days. Farhan Akhtar had also reached to protest against this act in Kranti Maidan in Mumbai. From this Protest, a video of Farhan Akhtar is becoming very fast on social media. Now this video has been shared by IPS Rupa on TwitterWhile sharing a viral video of Farhan Akhtar, who arrived in Mumbai’s Kranti Maidan to protest against CAA, IPS officer Rupa has targeted him. and has also given a sharp response to this video of Farhan.

While retweeting this video of Farhan going viral, IPS Roopa wrote, “If this is the condition of celebrities like Farhan Akhtar, then I am surprised that how many protesters will really know what CAA is. How many students will be such that peer pressure Or are joining this protest due to peer influences. How many will be there who have joined it due to the mentality of the crowd. To whatever value the information you and also some information about that thing up. “In the video that is going viral, Farhan talks to the media, “If you go in depth, then you will understand that something can happen in it … If everything was right then why would so many people get upset. ” With this, Farhan did not even answer this question during which reason he is opposing it.Let me tell you that due to tweeting the wrong map of India earlier, trollers have also been targeted. After which he also had to delete his tweet.Farhan Akhtar giving point by point detailed explanation of the deep rooted problems within CAA that he is protesting against in Mumbai. Okay. Okay. I am joking. He doesn’t know anything about CAA or why he is protesting. ClearlyIf this is with celebrities like Farhaan Akhtar , I wonder how many protestors actually know what is CAA,how many students joined out of peer pressure/peer influence,how many joined in a way that’s called mob mentality–doing something without conviction & knowledge of the thing.

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