CAA Protest: ‘Break the hands and feet of the miscreants’, Bijnor SP’s alleged audio viral, SP gives shocking reply to seek clarification

There are fierce protests in many states of the country these days regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam as well as Bihar are also seeing tremendous opposition to this. So far 15 people have died in Uttar Pradesh in the violence during demonstrations against CAA and NRC. At the same time, about 750 people involved in this violence have also been arrested.

According to news agency ANI, ADG (Law and Order) Praveen Kumar said on Saturday (December 21) that, “A total of 15 people have died so far in the demonstrations in the state since December 10. 750 people have been arrested, 4500 have been released from custody. A total of 263 policemen were injured, out of which 57 policemen suffered hand injuries.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has targeted the Modi government at the center amid protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. He issued a statement saying, “The National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are against the soul of the Constitution of India. We will not allow such an attack on Babasaheb Ambedkar’s constitution. “Priyanka Gandhi further said that,” The people are fighting for the constitution by taking the road against this attack, but the government is bent on barbaric repression and violence. The illegal arrest of students, intellectuals, social workers, lawyers and journalists across the country is scandalous. This is a dark day for democracy. ”

Meanwhile, an audio clip has surfaced in Bijnor’s SP Sanjeev Tyagi’s voice, which is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the audio clip which is going viral on the social media in the voice of Bijnor’s SP Sanjeev Tyagi, it is clearly being told that the UP Police has received strict action orders from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath because no one has the right to make it public To damage property and attack the police.

He clearly said that no police station will be mocked and everyone has to make sure that there is no mob. He instructed the police that they all had strict instructions to deal with the violent mob and no wrongdoing was done. Parliament has passed an act in Parliament and there is no harm to any person of Bijnor. He said that no one has any right to create an atmosphere of chaos on the basis of rumor. If anyone does this, no matter how many people they are, then they are all doing illegal work and strict action should be taken against them. He said that clear instructions have been received from the Chief Minister in the meeting and are the UP police so cowardly that if someone hits you with a stone and beat you up then you are not able to kill them? He also spoke of breaking the hands and feet of such criminals.

He also said that whether someone is making your videos or photography, you will get full support of the system. He further said that if you have taken strict action against the miscreants, then you will be fully supported. He has also directed the police to take such action that the intellect of the nuisance is corrected and that of the watchers. He also said that if a single stone came in any police station and you did not break the hands and feet of the stone thrower, then the police station in-charge would be suspended.

He also said that no policeman will take a private vehicle and go to duty, all will go by government vehicle. Also said that no policeman should wear any other colorful jacket other than his uniform. If there is a lathi charge, it should be equipped with its riot control device. You must have all equipment, including helmets and body protectors. He also instructed that action will be taken against any police officer, irrespective of the officer, if any policeman’s photo comes without all these tools.

At the same time, when the ‘Janata Ka Reporter’ contacted Bijnor’s SP Sanjeev Tyagi to take feedback on this viral audio clip, he refused to confirm that his voice was in the audio. Speaking on the call to ‘Janata Ka Reporter’, Sanjeev Tyagi said, “We don’t have any idea about that, we don’t know who is ours or whose, we haven’t heard that audio, we don’t know what’s in it Nor has anyone told us about it. ”With that much speaking, he cut the call.

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