First incident of India! Aligarh Muslim University students ‘expelled’ Vice Chancellor

Soon after the resumption of Internet services in Aligarh on Sunday (22 December), teachers, students and non-teaching staff expelled their Vice Chancellor. Issuing a notice, it is said that he has expelled his Vice Chancellor Professor Tariq Mansoor and University Registrar S. Abdul Hamid. He said that the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar are requested to vacate the VC Lodge and the Registrar’s Lodge. It has been announced in the notice that all the people will boycott the university administration till both of them give their resignation and leave the campus.

In view of all this, it is important to note that the AMU students who have come out against the citizenship amendment law do not even know that the Vice Chancellor of Central University is appointed by the President and there is a prescribed procedure for the removal of the Vice Chancellor. In this process also the President has to take a decision. However, the students and teachers of AMU together (there are doubts on how many teachers are involved in this because the letter head on which this information has come from the students, not the teachers’ union), by their own will, to the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar. Expelled. This shows the standard of AMU students! Where the students are not aware of the rules and regulations of their university, what will they understand CAA-NRC!

In fact, AMU student leaders on Sunday (15 December) strongly demanded the resignation of AMU Vice Chancellor and Registrar, strongly condemning “police atrocities” and “state repression” against the students during the protest at AMU. .

According to the news, the students alleged that Tariq Mansoor, Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, had allowed the UP Police to enter the campus during the protest. He said after the violence that the lives of students and university property could have been damaged by the mob. After this, the police had to fire lathicharge and tear gas to control the situation.

Explain that after protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, seven days after the internet connection was closed in Aligarh, authorities resumed service on Sunday. While informing about the bandh, the district magistrate said on 15 December, “After the protests by students at Aligarh Muslim University, there is no denying that some anti-social elements can spread internet to spread inflammatory messages.” Using services can incite violence among people. Internet services will be closed from 10 pm to 10 pm the next night to prevent violent content on social media. ”

It is worth noting that in the name of opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act, Aligarh Muslim University was fiercely ravaged on 15 December 2019. The students walked out of the admission block and threw stones at the police and aerial firing. In response, the police lathi-charged and fired rubber bullets. Seeing deteriorating atmosphere in the university, the college was closed by 5 January 2020 and all hostels were evacuated late at night.

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