There would not have been violence in Gorakhpur, if the police did not ignore these 5 evidences, drowned by taking a single mistake

The violent protests in Gorakhpur today with the Citizenship Amendment Act could have been prevented if the Gorakhpur police had shown seriousness beforehand. A meeting was held at police stations in the name of vigilance, but the administrative and police officers could not steamroll the opportunity.
The opportunity to patrol the city was also done with closed eyes. The police also had to rely on enlightened people. This did not happen suddenly, this demonstration was planned in advance. See in the next slide, where did the lapse from the police and what fault of the police was the result of violence in GorakhpurAll the preparations of the police-administration on the Citizenship Amendment Act on Friday proved meaningless in a few minutes. Actually, the police and administrative officers got stuck relying on some enlightened people.
Police was present in the large mosque to expel people after the namaz was over, but the police retreated at the behest of enlightened people. The enlightened people argued that the young men are, they will protest and return. Just trusting it overshadowed the police and incited violence.While the police was waiting for the crowd standing on one side, on the other side, the crowd from Sakri streets reached Nakhas Chowk where there was not enough police force to control the crowd. By the time the police arrived, the mob became ambush and started throwing stones at the police team. Police had to baton charge and fired tear gas shells.Protests were taking place in UP for the last several days. Violent incidents also took place in Lucknow on Thursday. After this, Gorakhpur police, administration claimed to be vigilant, but as if the police were patrolling with closed eyes. Bricks were placed outside the houses along the roads of Nakhas, Reti Road, Bloodypur, Sahabganj. It seemed that everything was done as planned.The violent protests were carried out in a planned manner. The area where the stone pelting took place is very busy. The crowd resorted to brick placed outside the houses for stone pelting. Shocking facts were revealed when the police investigated the stone pelting.It turned out that the building was not being constructed in the area. The old brick and stone designs were collected, but its inking officers could not find it. Police and administrative officers did not once try to know why bricks have been kept outside the houses. Later these bricks were rained on the police force. In such a situation, it is not correct to say that a sudden incident happened.

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