This 23-year-old boy earns Rs 89 lakh a year by working only 15 hours a week

new Delhi. The speed of the digital world is increasing, with cyber attack cases also increasing at the same speed. IT (Information Technology) based security is causing trouble. The demand of Ethical Hackers for protection of information system is increasing every day, due to which employment opportunities have increased in this field. A 23-year-old Indian hacker earns $ 1.25 lakh, or about Rs 89 lakh, in a year by finding an online bug.

Do work for this company

Shivam Vashistha is an ethical hacker and is associated with a San Francisco-based HackerOne company that looks for bugs on companies’ online platforms. The company has clients such as Starbucks, Instagram, Instagram, Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Twitter, Zomato and OnePlus.

What is Ethical Hacker?

Those who illegally receive information from computers connected to the Internet are called hackers. Professionals doing this work are called ethical hackers.

Do hacking 15 hours a week

According to the report of Gadget 360, Shivam is now learning hacking his brother too. Shivam told that he spends about 15 hours a week hacking. Sometimes they work on something continuously for several days and sometimes do not go hacking for weeks. He has helped his father take retirement and has taken his family on tours to many places in the world.

Hacker-run security programs in the Asia-Pacific region have increased by 30 percent year-on-year. Hackers in the US won 19 percent of the total bounty programs. India finished second with 10 percent bounty.

Hacking started from the age of 19

He told that he started doing ethical hacking from the age of 19. Initially, his family was worried. But gradually he came to understand that ethical hacking is a legally valid work and a career can be made in it. He won the first bounty from Instacart at the age of 20. Bounty won from MasterCard after this

Companies give millions to find bugs

Food delivery platform Zomato has given more than Rs 70 lakh to 435 hackers so far to find and fix bugs on its platform. OnePlus has announced this week that it has set up a Security Response Center which will now offer bounty to security experts. Experts will receive a reward in the range of $ 50 to $ 7,000. Apple has also opened a bug bounty program, where security researchers will be given a bounty of between $ 1 million to $ 1 million to find the bug.

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