Why do you play for India as a Muslim? Irfan gave such an answer to this question asked in Pakistan, everyone started clapping

new Delhi. Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed in Parliament, it has been opposed in many places. During this time, many well-known personalities criticized the police action on students protesting at Jamia Millia Islamia University. These people also included Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan, who tweeted protesting the attacks on students. However, he was trolled a lot after this tweet, after which, once again, Irfan came forward and protested that he is Indian and he has the right to speak in his country. During this, Irfan recounting his Pakistan tour told an anecdote where his religion was questioned.

Irfan was asked a question while visiting Pakistan

Irfan Pathan told that in 2004, he went to Pakistan for a friendly series. During this time he along with Rahul Dravid, Parthiv Patel and Lakshmipathy Balaji went to a college in Lahore where about 1500 children were present and questioning him.

A girl stood between them and asked Irfan Pathan very angry that if he is Muslim then why play for India? Irfan told, ‘I stood up and said that I am not doing any favor on him by playing with India. India is my country. My ancestors are from India. I am lucky to be able to represent it. Hearing my answer, everyone clapped in college.

Irfan Pathan said that when he bowls, he does not think that he is a Muslim, because he considers himself to be the first Indian. Pathan said that if he can go to Pakistan and say this for his country in front of him, then why can’t he keep his word in his own country.

Irfan furious over the matter of tweeting with money

Irfan Pathan further said, ‘Whenever I talk to my friends, I never talk about religion. We talk about each other’s life about work. Nobody says that I will not talk to him because he belongs to some other religion. We all want the country to move forward like family.Irfan dismissed the allegations in which people said that he is tweeting with money. He said, ‘I earn money through hard work and truth. If someone says that I have tweeted to spread hatred, then I will leave social media now. As a child, I did not even have a bicycle. Today this country gave me so much love, which will always be with me. I am sure people will understand my point.

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